The last Practical Guide in this set of six focuses on what is involved in managing the conclusion of a project. It is important that some closure is intentionally brought to a project, that it doesn’t just drift away from the attention of the students. Projects frequently represent the part of what the students personally value most in their school work. Project work allows for students to work with their strengths, to make a real contribution to the learning of their classmates, to feature what they personally find interesting. Suggestions are made in this guide to help the teacher give due recognition to the value of the work accomplished.

During the process of concluding a project there is time for students to work on what they have not yet had time to try but which they still feel attracted to. There is time for further collaboration in project work and the attention to adding final details to representiations.

There are ideas for teachers to try in enabling students to present their work to another class or to parents at an open house event.

Finally there are suggestions for concluding the documentation which makes this form of learning so meaningful and transparent. Documentation within a school or center can become a useful resource as more teachers embark on implementing the Project Approach to teaching and learning in their classrooms.